Coronavirus (Covid) C19

July 2020 Update

Osteopathic treatment with me as the lockdown ends.

This virus is NOT going to go away!

It is out there and WE all will be living in a world where it will probably exist forevermore!

Now as we begin to mix more freely and due to the 14 day incubation period for the virus it will become increasingly difficult to assess individual risk.

I will no longer be doing my original pre-appointment screenings nor restricting patients who wish to use public transport.

From July 6th I will however ask all patients to satisfy a short assessment and general health check also to wear a face mask/covering throughout their session.

I think we all need to accept there has always been risk ! All treatment carries risk. The question as always is ‘how can I reduce that risk?’

From August 2019 I‘d instituted a new policy of treating patients not seen within the past 12 months as ‘New Patients‘ with a new case history required to reduce risk.

In March when I looked at the evidence I decided to self isolate 14 days before the Government ‘lockdown’ began.

In June in order to return to work I created my own ‘common sense’ pre treatment screening Q & A and post treatment track and trace.

To date everyone treated has been diligent in replying and NO ONE has developed any Covid symptoms and I intend to continue these follow up texts.

The questionnaire that I ran through by phone with every patient shortly before their appointment gave me an assessment of that patients risk for catching and spreading the virus. Indicating if they require a particular appointment time or specific precautions or if they’d be better served waiting or going elsewhere.

It also screened the recent and current health status of all in their household (bubble) as well as obtaining permission to follow up each patient after treatment by text and phone.

Because most people followed Government advice on social distancing assessing risk was relatively easy.

I only accepted bookings from patients I had treated in the past or those who came through personal recommendation to avoid less than fully frank disclosure when questioned.

I instituted a new cleaning regime including bleaching surfaces and individual single use towels and linens this will be maintained and may be added to.

Hopefully most people will follow the next phase of Government advice on social distancing (1 metre+) and spread of the virus will remain managed and risk will be small.

However as we go out and mix more I can foresee it becoming more difficult to be certain if we have been in contact with someone spreading the virus.

Patients have been seen with a minimum 1 hour separation between appointments. To allow for cleaning between sessions except where patients are from the same household.

From July 6th I will be treating a maximum of 4 patients per day two in a morning session two in the afternoon if you believe yourself to be more at risk please ask for a first appointment.

Most importantly if you have doubts please don’t book…..I am varying my cancellation policy for now it will be a minimum of two hours notice prior to your appointment to avoid a cancellation charge (obviously this will only apply once).

I am personally very worried about how we will manage this situation now as we try to open things up and come October when the days grow short and the autumn / winter weather sets in and everyone has coughs, colds and flu!

I wonder if we will all just have to get on with it protect the vulnerable and take the risk?

Time will tell.

For those with particular needs or allergies, sensitive skin etc I’m happy for you to bring your own towels and cleaning products just let me know.

Feel free to suggest any sensible precautions and where possible I will attempt to accommodate.

It easy to use throw away lines like ‘unprecedented times’, ‘ramping up’ and ‘stay safe’.

Unfortunately these are ‘unprecedented times’ and I am therefore ‘ramping up’ both hygiene and screening in order that as far as possible we all ‘stay safe’ !

Please feel free to call and chat through any questions and concerns you may have or just to say how you’ve found lockdown.

Remember your body doesn’t know it’s in lockdown, so don’t overdo it!

After all too much exercise or too much relaxing can both unfortunately mean you end up needing someone like me!